What is Lead Generation
Lead Generation is a marketing process of gaining interest and by inciting the interest towards a product or service of a brand. Lead generation has moved to different channels, mostly online and social platforms which makes it easier to generate leads than earlier.
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Importance of Lead Generation
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Lead generation has become an important part of the marketing strategy for most of the online businesses. The process of getting more visitors to view your website, targeting potential customers, and converting them into lifetime users can be done through lead generation. If you want your business to expand, you can use lead generation service to increase the wingspan of your business.
Who needs Lead Generation
Lead Generation can be used by any business. But businesses like educational institutions, real insurance agencies, hospitals, real estate, furniture stores, and many more. Any product or service that wants more potential customers who might be interested in their product or service, leads generation is for you.
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Why you need Lead Generation

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Awareness Generation

Brand Awareness has become important as the more the number of people knows about your product or service, the more is its brand value. Lead generation helps you increase that brand value by bringing your business in front of your audience.

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Increase in Revenue

Generating more potential customers leads to more users of the brand. Thus leading to an increase in sales and profits. Lead generation can get your sales and profits to go up. Leading to good ROI on your money spend on lead generation

Target Audience

Through lead generation, you can target a specific demographic of your audience and check which is your ideal customer profile, making it easier for you to reach your audience. The buyers can be met easily without much ad spend. Also, lead generation is a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Potential Customer Information

It gets what the audience wants from your product or service. And how you can use it to make your product more useful according to market information.
B2B Lead Generation
b2b lead generation
Business to Business lead generation is used by businesses to find other businesses that might be interested in their product and turn them into sales. There are many ways of generating B2B lead generation such as content marketing, social media, PPC, using FOMO for sales, and much more.
B2C Lead Generation
Business to consumer lead generation can be used to reach out to potential customers and turn them to users. Different marketing strategies can be used for generating B2C leads such as your website, emailing lists, using landing pages, SMS marketing and many more.
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Inbound Lead Generation
Inbound Lead Generation
Inbound lead generation is all about the creation of content for the users on your website or landing page, informing them about all the products, how it will help them, the benefits and your USP. The whole control of inbound lead generation is in the hands of the content creators. They can make the experience as converting as they want. The users can be persuaded to buy into the product through content creation. Time and place of the content consumption are done by the users, your content has to grab attention, informative and helpful. Making the users make the correct decision to buy into the product. This can be used to build a relationship with the users and make them come to you again and again. For a long time results in inbound lead generation, as the customers come looking for you and make it cheaper in the long run. It is a cost-effective strategy and shows compounding results in the future. Some strategies used are content marketing, SEO, blogging, chatbots and many more.
Outbound Lead Generation
Outbound lead generation is putting out messages of your brand to the target audience forcefully even if they didn’t want the message. Now, it’s your time and place that your audience sees your message and decides what to do with it. This is also called interruption marketing. Here most of the campaigns are paid and they add up to the ad spend. Outbound lead generation is more about selling than educating your audience. It has its risks but there are rewards too. B2B and B2C businesses can use outbound lead generation through strategies such as cold emailing, display advertisements, and others.
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Creation of Landing pages Service and Its Importance
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The landing pages are important when it comes to lead generation. Whenever you run a campaign through google ads, bing ads, Facebook ads once they click on the ad they are redirected to the landing page. It’s what will sell your service/ product to the visitors. A few steps to keep in mind while creating a landing page- make it mobile responsive, set your landing page URL, add tracking codes to track the analytics for future reports and course correction, and then publish. Adjust your SEO settings, conversion goal to track your growth and confirmation page after the sale.
Importance of Landing Page

More Leads

Landing pages give very specific information regarding the product/service and help the customers to make decisions easily. That’s why sending the visitors to the landing page instead of the homepage easies the visitor’s journey to the end product. This leads to more leads and conversions. The study shows that the percentage of conversions is higher when visitors are sent to the landing page than the website homepage.
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Demographic Prospects

Specific Demographic Prospects

Once the visitor is on the landing page, you can collect the data regarding the users which would help get information regarding the demographic of the visitors. Whom the sales team can target and increase the sales. This specific demographic customer information goes a long way in increasing the conversion rates.

Gather Data

Data is how you can analyze how the landing pages are performing. What changes to be made, which pages are showing results, and what course correction can be made to increase the conversions. Data regarding potential users is huge when you can form a list of them and compare the user activity on the landing page.
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Optimise and Reduce Friction

Once you have the data regarding users’ activity on the landing page, you can make the necessary changes to make it easier for the customers to make decisions. Remove the roadblocks and keep doing this until you attain the desired goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I increase my lead quality?

You can increase the lead quality by using analyzing and optimizing. Analyze the approach and optimize it according to the needs.

Q2: What is the key to effective lead generation?

Lead generation should be based on the user need approach, not on the business needs approach. As the product/ service is made for the user.

Q3: Lead generation is marketing or sales?

Leads are generated by marketing strategies and the sales team converts the leads generated by the marketing team. But, both teams have to work together to bring in results.

Q4: How long does it take to get started?

As soon as as you contact us, we can start working on bringing in leads and growing your business as soon as as you want.

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