What is PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is a marketing model in which ads are run on different platforms and the publisher of the ads pays according to the clicks. It’s buying visitors to your website by running ads.
What is PPC Marketing

What are the Benefits of PPC Marketing Services

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Accurate Audience Targeting

Using PPC marketing, you can target the exact audience demographic according to your market research. Those people would know about your brand.

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High ROI

The ROI of the PPC Ads have gone up through the years. According to Forbes data, for every 1$ spent on Google Ads, the return is 2$ in revenue. With our PPC experts, the return in revenue would go even higher.

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Better Leads

PPC visitors are more likely to do purchase than organic traffic visitors. Majorly due to the fact that your Ad shows up at the top of the search query page. That requires top-notch PPC specialists.

PPC Services Provided by MarkNative

Paid Search Marketing

Search ADs form a big part of paid search marketing. Google lets you rank your website on the search query through Paid search ads. This marketing is used for instant results and a rapid increase in brand presence. Google Ads is the number 1 platform in terms of search volume. So, our Google Ads expert makes sure the Ad copy is appealing and mobile-friendly for reaching the desired goals. Our team’s process of test, optimize, results and repeat have yielded high ROI for our clients.
Paid Search Marketing
GOogle Ad word Management

Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is used to run ads on Google platforms and other sponsored platforms. Google search ad campaign and Google display ad campaign are major players in Google Adwords management. Google ad management has become a big part of PPC marketing because of the number of users that use Google products.

PPC Experts

PPC experts are hard to find just because there a very few PPC masters out in the market who can deliver results. We have a team of PPC experts who have experience in running ads on all platforms for a variety of products that have very different audiences. Our PPC experts take pride in giving the best ROI in the market.
PPC Experts

PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services
We at MarkNative are result-oriented, so is our PPC management service. Our PPC management services include running all kinds of PPC campaign using strategies and bringing in higher ROAS for all our clients. The PPC management service team takes care of running ads on Google, Google sponsored platforms, and social media platforms.
Why Outsource PPC Marketing
PPC marketing requires a team of PPC experts who know how to increase the ROI and ROAS through implementing strategies and targeting the right audience. Dedicated PPC marketing team with the aim to deliver results are hard to find, that’s we come into the picture. Our PPC experts are excellent are delivering results that match the desired goals and sometimes beyond. Not boosting, we are among the best in the market because of our results.
Outsourcing PPC Marketing
PPC Marketing Effectiveness
No matter how small or big your Ad budget is, what matters is the effectiveness of the campaigns run with that budget. PPC marketing effectiveness can be determined by campaign metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, ROI, ROAS, and so on. Our PPC marketing team has always matched the desired KPI’s of our clients. Our PPC marketing effectiveness is because of our PPC experts and their vast experience in delivering results no matter what the budget is.
High ROI

High ROI

Every business wants a high ROI on their ad spent. The ROI depends on the campaigns run, the strategies used along with the targeted audience. We at MarkNative, take pride in providing our clients with high ROI on their advertising budget. The high ROI on the PPC campaigns leads to an increase in website visits, conversions, leads, and sales.

PPC Campaign Management

During a single PPC campaign, there might be a lot of ads running on different platforms that need to be supervised, necessary changes have to be made to turn the campaign towards results, and if a campaign is not working as per results- identify the reasons and implement strategies to course correct it. For multiple campaigns, PPC campaign management is very important.
PPC Campaign Management
Difference between SEO and PPC Marketing
Difference between SEO and PPC Marketing
SEO is for long term goals, the users will keep coming once it is implemented for a long time. Once a website ranks, it sees results and there is a steady flow of visitors throughout. Whereas PPC marketing is used for instant results. PPC marketing helps you get brand recognition, sales, and conversion in a short period of time.
Importance Of PPC Marketing
Most people think PPC marketing is very expensive. But, it is not if done properly. One can always start slow, measure, and grow. As campaign metrics such as clicks, conversion rates, sales can be measured through campaigns. Start with a small budget and then once view your results, you can increase the budget and increase the number of campaigns.
Target Audience to your Website
A simple way to bring your Target Audience to your Website
When running a website, you need visitors. The easy way to bring your targeted traffic to your website that would lead to potential conversions and business.
Gives access to Marketing Techniques like Remarketing
By using the data collected from the visitors, you can target them again using Remarketing. It’s one of the techniques that lead to more conversions and sales. For example: If you run an online jewelry store, you can collect data from users who have visited you using cookies and then show those same people ads with some additional offers. You can offer them to visit the website again and make the purchase.
Gives access to Marketing Techniques
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How effective is PPC?

PPC marketing is extremely effective. PPC ads can be used at any stage of the funnel. Even for small budgets, if run properly PPC ads show excellent results.

Q2: How long does it take for PPC to work?

Most of our clients see instant results, but for ideal results, it takes 3 months to 9 months depending on the market, target audience, and product or service. PPC campaigns have to be managed for a while to reach full potential.

Q3: Where can you advertise with PPC ads?

The popular spaces are: 

Search Results- Google, Bing

Social Media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Snapchat.

Third-party websites- Youtube

Q4: Do people really click on PPC ads?

Yes, people who click on ads are twice likely to buy your product or service than organic visitors. Search result ads earn about 45% of page clicks.

Q5: What factors do search PPC ad success,ss depend on?

The factors are Headline, Display URL, Landing page, and Description.

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